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Panel: Activism & Community Involvement

 Sheri Spain

New Leaf Brokers, The Leaf Exchange, Hemp Saves Farms


Sheri Spain started her career as a small business owner in 1992 and has been recognized in publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Journals, REALTOR Magazine and a numerous media outlets as a national leader in brokerage, business growth, management and development.

With the legalization of hemp in 2014 in North Carolina (nationally in 2018) and cannabis in over half of the nation Spain and her husband saw a need for similar systems to assist start-ups in this new and rapidly evolving industry and launched, New Leaf Brokers, The Leaf Exchange, Hemp Saves Farms to assist those wanting to enter an industry that is growing.  

After a major rare illness caused Ms. Spain to research options for treatment, she learned that patients have very few choices for medicinal treatments and an even smaller voice in their legal access to various treatment options. At the same time, through an abdominal transplant in Colorado, she was able to see the immense business opportunities that legalization had afforded the local communities, which led to a passion to advocate for both patients and business owners.

 Sheri Spain has a dream of creating a wellness retreat for patients for visit and explore the value of the plant and the capabilities of the plant in the life of medical patients and for growers to come and learn more about the potential of the plant in a real life setting.



Abner Brown

North Carolina NORML

Abner Brown Executive Director NCNORML I became involved with cannabis activism about 5 years ago after a friend passed from an opiate overdose. I wanted to take action to help others that may benefit from access to cannabis. I had an opiate addiction at the age of 17 and cannabis played a large role in helping me overcome it. I’ve spent the last two years as Executive Director of the state chapter of NCNORML in efforts to bring real comprehensive cannabis reform that protects our unalienable rights as human beings. 




Rebecca Forbes

All About CBD, LLC

A well known activist in the Southeastern region, Rebecca has used her experience with cannabis to become a powerhouse voice in the industry. A NH Double Hit Lymphoma Survivor. Her roles within the industry include Product Development and Marketing for All About CBD, LLC - Black Diamond CBD, International Cannabis Advocate and GR Lobbyist. Overall Cannabis Expert and Speaker!