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Creating Standards in an Unregulated Market

Catherine Artzt

French Broad Cannabis

In 2017, Catherine founded Compliance Naturally to address a growing nutraceutical market.  More than profit, Catherine values increasing consumer safety by enabling manufacturers through risk management and GMP implementation. Her dedication to natural medicine became personal when Catherine began battling a chronic pain condition in 2014.  She passionately believes that consumers should be free to choose whether traditional or conventional medicine is best for their health.Catherine Artzt has spent the past 9 years building GMP compliance systems for nutraceutical, cannabis, vape e-liquid, homeopathic, and pure extract companies.  Her systems have successfully passed over a dozen audits, including FDA, GMP, SQF, USDA, and third-parties such as Target and Walmart.

Catherine is the COQ and Co-Founder of French Broad Cannabis. Additionally, she is the co-founder of Brevard Hemp, an information forward Hemp CBD Dispensary, and Appalachia CBD, a formulation production company.  She has an undying passion for the hemp industry and is proud to be at the forefront of defining quality in the industry. 

She is HACCP Production Leader Certified and holds a Bachelors in Psychology.  Her psychology degree has helped her succeed in the industry by being able to understand the needs of both auditor and auditee when designing a compliance system.