2019 was a GREAT show! Are you ready for 2020? Dates coming soon!

Flower Innovation Pitch Participants

Meet 3 companies in the industry, all from different silos, with one main goal. Come listen to their pitches and learn about their brand.



Elizabeth Kost: Co-founder/CEO Fog & Tree

Elizabeth has 15 years experience in branding and marketing consumer packaged goods in a regulated space. She began her career in the alcohol industry and in 2015, she co-founded a design studio that specializes in Cannabis branding and packaging design called Purple Line Media. The Fog & Tree brand was the brain-child of the Purple Line Media founders but was brought to life through Purple Line Media’s stellar design team, the Founders’ keen insights to Cannabis trends and Purple Line Media’s unique network of industry folk. Elizabeth is also a contributing writer for MG Retailer and a Cannabis compliance expert.



Bridget Fredericks: Co-founder HemplicityLife.com

I have been an entrepreneur all my life. I started my first business during my college days called ABC Computing. I built websites for people and built computers for customers. I transitioned from my tech business into real estate where I honed sales skills. In 2015, I relocated to Charlotte, NC where I stepped back into the tech world and opened up Queen City Rent a Geek. I attended networking events and met the person who would become my business partner in the hemp world. Valerie Larsen and I connected with a mission to provide pure, high quality CBD products to our customers and created Pure Botanical Wellness to do just that. We learned a lot about the obstacles that plague CBD business owners and started working on solutions. From that the idea for HemplicityLife.com was born. We believe that working together in an online space this coalition of competitors can benefit from each other so that we can all take our businesses to the next level!


Ryan Hice: Founder Charlotte Price

Charlotte native Ryan Hice brings a much needed process and analysis element to the growing Carolina cannabis industry. The serial entrepreneur has helped supply equipment for dozens of breweries over the years and is ready to put his startup and organizational skills to work in the cannabis market. This will be his 3rd startup including a brewery in Greensboro and a raw material supplier in Michigan.