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Becoming Tax Compliant in a New Industry

Samara Chisholm

Grow Your Fortune


Samara Chisholm is Founder and CEO of GROW YOUR FORTUNE, LLC, a cannabis accounting firm based in Charlotte, NC.  Samara holds a Bachelor of Administration with a concentration in accounting.  After graduating, Samara launched her career as an accountant in Fort Lauderdale, FL where she specialized in healthcare revenue cycle with Apollo Hospitals while simultaneously building her tax business. She earned the reputation as the NUMBERS LADY.  This eventually led to her becoming an IRS enrolled agent where she represents her clients before the IRS.  Samara expanded her expertise into the cannabis industry by becoming a trained, certified cannabis accountant via the DOPE CFO training program. The DOPE CFO cannabis accounting program is specifically designed for the cannabis industry. 

Samara saw a need for cannabis business owners to not only have an accountant but to have an accountant that could help them manage the complex landscape of financial compliance of state and federal regulatory laws. Her belief in this big global industry has led her to expand once again. Samara has secured growers’ licenses for farmers and greenhouses in N.C.  She has fostered new partnerships for her clients to scale their businesses.  

My clientele personally believes in the expertise I provide, how I provide it and the enormous benefits they receive from it.