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Diversity in Hemp Farming

Sue Carlton

The Botanical Joint

Our goal is to raise awareness for the lack of female and other minority groups who work within the hemp industry and who own businesses. From the perspective of a Latina hemp business owner with a degree in Community Health, originally from New Bern, NC.
Sue Carlton has dedicated the past seven years of her life to learning all she could about medicinal marijuana from hands-on experience building award-winning edibles like Couch Potatoes on the recreational market and growing with female-owned and operated cannabis farms like Oregon Girl Gardens
Through personal reproductive health problems and discrimination within healthcare, she took the opportunity to gain a degree in Community Health from Portland State University in order to understand the systematic institutionalized oppressions within our medical systems affects our overall health and what can we possibly do to overcome the barriers presented in front of all of our health.  The homeostasis behind her work and career passion has enabled her to build a consulting business The Botanical Joint with her fiancé Crocquito specializing in consumer health education, product development, industrial hemp farming, facility workplace safety, compliance, and regulations.  Her goals are to encompass optimal wellness through the mind, body, and spirit while taking the opportunity to help others teach themselves into a healthier lifestyle through her homeopathic website.  Every day she sets forth to uphold the standards of what being a true female pioneer within the hemp industry should be like in aspiration to hopefully encourage others to be the best they can be each day to improve the conditions of the world not just for her, but everyone on our home planet earth.